Rutte: ‘Confidence in further recovery of Dutch economy’

‘The latest figures from Statistics Netherlands (CBS) inspire confidence in a further recovery of the Dutch economy’, says Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

Fragile recovery

Speaking after a cabinet meeting held to discuss a CBS report published today on third-quarter economic performance, Mr Rutte cautioned that the recovery was fragile. ‘There are still difficulties in some sectors, such as the construction industry, although the number of building permits is increasing. And far too many people are still jobless. But we must all stick to the course we have set and continue to focus our efforts on a robust and more sustainable recovery.’

The CBS has calculated that the Dutch economy grew by 1.1% in the third quarter in comparison with the previous year and by 0.2% in comparison with the previous quarter. The number of unemployed was 37,000 lower than in the second quarter while the number of jobs and vacancies was higher.

Mr Rutte also referred to a number of reforms that have been introduced. ‘We can now see the first results: the housing market has been picking up for some time; unemployment is falling, albeit not fast enough; public debt is declining and there are cautious signs of economic growth.’

Abstract recovery

The Prime Minister understands that the recovery is still abstract to many people. ‘They have to realise for themselves that unemployment will fall much further, not only by the 60,000 or so we have already seen this year. And we have to work on maintaining purchasing power and retaining the high quality of, for example, our health service.’