The Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service & Economic Investigation Service (FIOD-ECD), the police and the Public Prosecution Service have nationally and internationally seized real estate, vehicles and art for millions of euros

Yesterday, cooperation at national and international levels led to seizures and searches by the FIOD-ECD, the police and the Public Prosecution Service in, among other places, Maarssen, Den Bosch, Amsterdam, Woerdense Verlaat, the Netherlands Antilles, Portugal and France.

Among the objects seized are a large country estate in Maarssen, a penthouse in a Rotterdam apartment building, various other buildings, a collection of wine, as well as various works of art and paintings by, amongst others, Renoir, Van Dongen and Picasso.

All goods seized are the property of a 52-year old business man who is suspected of having committed, amongst other things, money laundering, forgery and fraud. In addition, the claim Willem H. has on the afore-mentioned suspect, or the legal entities linked to him, has been seized as well. The total amount of the seizures cannot be rendered specifically for the moment, but it is estimated to involve several millions of euros.

The seizures and searches have taken place in the context of a criminal financial investigation carried out under the direction of the Prosecution Service Criminal Assets Deprivation Bureau (BOOM) and will be continued in the next few months. The BOOM is acting for the District Public Prosecutor's Office of Amsterdam. A multidisciplinary investigation team carrying out this investigation consists of investigation officers of the Amsterdam-Amstelland Police, the National Investigation Service and the FIOD-ECD. More than a hundred persons were active on the days in which the national and international seizures took place on 12 and 13 January.