Arab countries called on to sign the Rotterdam Rules

During a meeting held in the context of the Arab League in Alexandria, Egypt, the 21 Arab member countries were called on to join the Rotterdam Rules (2008). This represents a clear signal from Arab countries that they recognise the importance of globalisation and modernisation for international maritime transport.

The Rotterdam Rules provide greater clarity on who is responsible and liable for what, when, where and to what degree, with respect to maritime transport. The new treaty promotes international trade and leads to costs savings.

In the case of a stranded ship or stolen or damaged cargo, the Rotterdam Rules clearly establish who is responsible and liable throughout the transport route. The treaty also provides the first rules for goods transport by sea and the connecting transport by land. Previously, separate contracts were needed. The treaty lays a foundation for the development of e-commerce in maritime transport as well. This will reduce the need for paperwork. In turn, the shorter processing times and smaller chance of errors will reduce costs.