Negotiations tax treaties in 2010

The Netherlands is continuously negotiating with other countries about new tax treaties. In the second semester of 2010, the Netherlands will start negotiations with Australia, Belgium, Costa Rica, Germany, Indonesia, Kenya, New Zealand and Panama.

The purpose of the negotiations is a new or amended tax treaty. Such a treaty includes agreements that are to prevent companies and persons being taxed twice and divide the taxing rights between the Netherlands and the other country.

Apart from the negotiations with said countries, negotiations in connection with the political reforms will take place with Aruba, Curacao and St. Martin about tax legislation for the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The Netherlands will also renew its contacts with Angola, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, India, Poland and Singapore, which could soon lead to the beginning or the continuation of negotiations about a tax treaty or an amendment protocol. Finally, contacts exist between the Netherlands and other countries that can lead to negotiations in the long term.

Entrepreneurs and persons having knowledge of fiscal information that can be important for the current or planned negotiations can contact the Ministry of Finance (Directie Internationale Fiscale Zaken, Afdeling Bilaterale Zaken, PO Box 20201, 2500 EE Den Haag) in writing. Subsequently, the Ministry can include this information in the negotiations. Fiscal information about other countries is welcome as well with a view to the negotiations programme for the next few years.