Defence SV-1 satellite launched

The first of a series of four Space Vehicle (SV) satellites was launched in the United States on Saturday 14 August 2010. The satellites will provide the so-called Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) satellite capacity for Defence, which is the result of a cooperation alliance between the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and the Netherlands.

The AEHF satellite capacity is a guaranteed and secure form of satellite communications which will significantly enhance existing capabilities in this domain. The Netherlands Defence organisation will therefore no longer be dependent on commercial satellite services to provide its most critical information. The AEHF capacity also ensures more flexibility and guarantees a correct and timely provision of information anywhere in the world.


The launch of the first satellite (SV-1) took place at Cape Canaveral US Air Force Station and was webcast live on The satellite will be in position after 100 days and will be operational following a test period of approximately 170 days.


The launch of the second satellite (SV-2) is scheduled for March 2011. This satellite is very important for the United Kingdom and the Netherlands given its positioning over Europe. The launch dates for the third and fourth satellites are yet to be determined. The Dutch AEHF satellite capacity is expected to be available from mid-2012.