Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation

'The Netherlands is a leading player with a world class agricultural and food production sector.' This is the remit of the new Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation (EL&I).

The Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation (EL&I) works for:

  • A competitive business climate by reducing and improving regulation and fiscal policy with an eye to enterprise.
  • A policy targeted at innovation and entrepreneurship to support businesses where necessary. The Ministry is the one-stop shop for businesses for innovation, export and funding. Major business sectors such as the chemical industry, food, horticulture, water and energy will be given priority by the creation of the right conditions.
  • Maintaining and strengthening our country's leading position in agriculture horticulture and fisheries by encouraging innovation, sustainability and new entrepreneurship. Agricultural producers will be rewarded for the services rendered to society like landscape management, animal welfare, environmental management and water management, creating a balance between economy and ecology.
  • Providing support to businesses operating abroad by conducting economic diplomacy and providing assistance through embassies and consulates.
  • Ensuring a continuous supply of clean energy. Clean energy is a necessity as well as a good export product.
  • Conducting a realistic nature policy with a greater say for provincial councils. The new Ministry will evaluate current nature policy and will complete the National Ecological Network in 2018 with greater emphasis on private and agricultural nature management.

Trade and industry are key to the prosperity of our nation. The Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation will strengthen our competitive power structurally and support businesses by generating income which is the motor of the economy. The Ministry looks outward, to our environment, to businesses and consumers and to our trading partners.