EU to impose sanctions on Iran for human rights violations

EU foreign ministers have decided to adopt sanctions against human rights violators in Iran. Certain individuals will be banned from visiting the EU in the future and their assets in member states will be frozen.

The Netherlands has worked closely with France, the United Kingdom and Germany in pressing for the sanctions to be imposed.

‘The EU is protesting in the strongest terms against the ongoing human rights abuses by the Iranian authorities,’ said foreign minister Uri Rosenthal. ‘These sanctions demonstrate our solidarity with human rights defenders in Iran and with all Iranian victims of oppression.’ A decision will be made as soon as possible on which individuals in Iran will be targeted by the sanctions.

Along with the sanctions, Europe’s foreign ministers have decided to initiate a human rights dialogue with the Iranian authorities. As part of its ‘double-track policy’, the EU welcomes opportunities to discuss human rights in Iran, but it will also maintain sanctions as long as the regime continues to commit gross human rights violations.