Customs detection dogs find almost 3,000 kilos of marihuana and hashish

The HARC Team, a cooperation between the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Seaport Police, Customs, the Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service and the Public Prosecution Service, found almost 3,000 kilos of marihuana and hashish in a container on Friday. The illicit drugs had been hidden between sacks of charcoal.

The container came from South Africa and had been transported by a seagoing vessel to the port of Rotterdam. The illicit drugs were detected by detection dogs of the Customs service. They started barking when they were near the container.

A further investigation led to ten pallets with sacks of charcoal from Namibia. Packages with a total of 2,600 kilos of marihuana and 200 kilos of hashish were found between the sacks. The illicit drugs had a value of approximately 1 million euros.

The HARC (Hit and Run Container) Team is carrying out an investigation into the source of the illicit drugs. No arrests have been made as yet. In the meantime the seized marihuana and hashish have been destroyed.