Effects of North Korean transfer of power unclear

Minister of Foreign Affairs Uri Rosenthal is concerned about the impact the transfer of power in North Korea could have following the death of Kim Jong Il. ‘The question is what is happening behind the scenes now and whether it will result in a power shift. We need to be aware of the risk of new tensions arising in the region. The Netherlands and the EU are both following the situation closely.'

‘Kim Jong Il was a dictator of the worst sort,’ the minister added. ‘He allowed the North Korean people no freedom whatsoever and caused ongoing tensions in the region. Given that North Korea by its own account possesses nuclear weapons, the regime poses a threat to international peace and stability. We must hope that the six-party talks – aimed at containing that threat – can be resumed.’

Since 2008, no further progress has been made in the negotiations between North Korea, the United States, China, Russia, South Korea and Japan.