Netherlands invests in prosperity, security and freedom in Latin America

‘In Latin America, too, we are investing in prosperity, security and freedom – the three pillars of Dutch foreign policy,’ foreign minister Uri Rosenthal stated during a debate in the House of Representatives on government policy in Latin America. 

The economic growth of Latin America creates opportunities for Dutch businesses. The Netherlands is the second largest investor in the region, ranking between the US and China. In a geopolitical context, countries like Brazil, Argentina and Mexico are gaining influence.

The Netherlands is strengthening its missions in Brazil with extra staff, and is opening a new embassy in Panama. At the same time, five missions are being closed down. Embassies in Latin America will be given a regional function.

The Netherlands is supporting efforts to combat cross-border crime, like drug smuggling, as this undermines regional development and threatens the safety and prosperity of Europe and overseas parts of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Although progress has been made in the field of human rights, fundamental freedoms are under pressure, for instance in Cuba. The Netherlands takes a restrictive line towards Cuba and supports human rights activities in Latin America.