Video: Floriade puts Dutch agriculture and horticulture on the map

'Thanks to the Floriade, the Dutch agriculture and horticulture sectors have the opportunity to show the rest of the world what they can do,' said Minister for Agriculture and Foreign Trade Dr Henk Bleker in Venlo on Wednesday April 4th 2012, at the official opening of the Floriade, the world's largest agricultural exposition.

Global leader

'The Netherlands is a global leader in agriculture and horticulture,' according to Bleker. 'In the months to come, we will have the chance to show what we can do in terms of innovation, but also how the sectors can contribute to, for example, global demands for a safe and sufficient food supply.'

The Floriade takes place in the second-largest horticultural region in the Netherlands, Greenport Venlo. 'Over the coming months, hundreds of thousands of visitors will come to the region, consolidating our position as a leading exporter of agricultural and horticultural products,' the minister said.

Two million visitors

The Floriade runs from 5 April to 7 October 2012. Over this six-month period, more thanĀ 2 million visitors are expected, including foreign trade missions from a wide range of countries. Exhibits from 33 nations are on display, including the Dutch national pavilion, which was developed by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation and the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. The Floriade is made possible by support from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation.