The Gaming Authority closes the net around internet providers of games of chance

The Gaming Authority is closing the net around illegal providers of games of chance via the Internet who focus on the Netherlands. As announced previously, 40 providers of games of chance via the Internet will be afforded the opportunity to adjust their offer to the criteria of the Gaming Authority. Providers who do not will be subject to enforcement measures.

The Gaming Authority has been forced to set priorities in view of the large offer of games of chance on the Internet. In doing so, it is focusing on providers that prominently targetĀ  the Dutch market. It applies three criteria in this process: a .nl website; offers made in the Dutch language; or advertising on the radio, television and in print media. The providers will have two months to adjust their sites or advertising accordingly. This has proved to be a reasonable term. A number of providers have since complied. The Gaming Authority does exclude not the possibility that the conditions will be tightened in due time.

The Gaming Authority will take action against those providers who fail to comply with the prioritisation criteria. Before the Gaming Authority takes enforcement action, it will grant the relevant provider a reasonable term to adjust its advertising policy and website in such a way that it no longer satisfies the prioritisation criteria and consequently is no longer the focus of the Gaming Authority. The Gaming Authority will take enforcement action if a provider does not adjust its advertising policy and/or website, or not sufficiently, and consequently still satisfies (one of) the prioritisation criteria.

Enforcement instruments under administrative law are available to the Gaming Authority in the event of violations of the Betting and Gaming Act. Violations of the Betting and Gaming Act will in the first instance be subject to administrative enforcement and, in exceptional cases, the Gaming Authority will be authorised to request the Public Prosecution Service to take criminal action.