Netherlands welcomes Syria transition plan

The Netherlands has welcomed the proposed transition plan for Syria and the call for a government of national unity agreed by the permanent members of the UN Security Council in Geneva on Saturday.

According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Uri Rosenthal, ‘It is hugely significant that the permanent members of the UN Security Council (including Russia and China) have spoken with one voice on this matter. I strongly support Kofi Annan’s call for immediate implementation of the plan. This ongoing violence, which we have seen again today, must be stopped.’

In the Netherlands’ view, there is no place for Bashar al-Assad in the new Syria. Mr Rosenthal added, ‘I am glad that the Action Group has refrained from steps that could lead to the further militarisation of this conflict. I would reiterate that military intervention is not an option. I support any action that results in a full arms embargo.’