Partners for International Business sign first agreement

Government and industry have concluded the first agreement under the Partners for International Business (PIB) programme. NL Agency signed an agreement on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation (EL&I) with the ‘Orange goes Green’ cluster. This consortium of companies and institutions targets sustainability and the biobased economy.

Sustainable and biobased economy

'Orange goes green' consists of 8 companies, 3 knowledge institutions and a bank:

  • Deerns
  • Priva
  • Ecofys
  • Donqi
  • If Technologies
  • Tocardo
  • KesselsGranger
  • Real NewEnergy
  • TNO (Dutch Organisation for Applied Scientific Research)
  • TU Delft
  • WUR (Wageningen University and Research Centre)
  • Rabobank

The Dutch-American sustainable energy company Real NewEnergy is the prime mover and provides the secretariat. The Orange goes Green programme is built around the themes of renewable energy, biobased economy, energy efficiency, energy storage, smart energy networks, and electric transport

United States

Orange goes Green is aimed at the United States, the largest investor in sustainable energy in the world, and particularly the west coast, with the State of California, where 33% of the energy requirement will be produced sustainably by 2020. The aim of the companies and knowledge institutions is to win American contracts and attract American sustainable energy companies to the Netherlands.

The agreement reached under the Partners for International Business programme consists in a multi-year programme centred on economic diplomacy, promotional activities and knowledge transfer between Dutch and American authorities, knowledge institutions and companies.

The Government will contribute €200,000 and the consortium €300,000. During the programme at least fifteen projects will be developed with an estimated turnover of between $500,000 and $2.5 million per participating organisation.

Partners for International Business

The new Partners for International Business programme started in February 2012. The aim of this public-private venture is to position groups of companies, largely from the leading economic sectors, on promising foreign markets, and support the companies in gaining entry to these markets. The ultimate goal is to reinforce the international competitive strength of Dutch business.

Groups of companies, possibly complemented by knowledge institutions, are selected to work with Government on a strategic action plan to access promising markets and remove barriers. The players each have their own role and added value. Government efforts include economic diplomacy through its network of diplomatic posts and foreign missions.