€1 million extra emergency aid for Syria

The Netherlands is giving an extra €1 million in aid to victims of the conflict in Syria. The Red Cross will use the money to provide 200,000 Syrians with food and medical help.

This additional sum comes on top of the €6 million already donated by the Netherlands to the UNHCR and the World Food Programme, and the annual general contributions to the various aid organisations currently active in Syria.

‘More and more people are fleeing from the persistent violence or have become dependent on the Red Cross in their own towns and cities,’ said international cooperation minister Ben Knapen. ‘The fighting in the city of Aleppo over the last few days has drastically increased the need for emergency aid.’

Foreign minister Uri Rosenthal expressed his ongoing concern about the developments in Syria. ‘There are violent military operations taking place not only in Aleppo but throughout the whole country,’ he said. ‘I hold the Syrian regime responsible. The violence must stop and Assad must go. There needs to be a political solution – and fast.’ He believes that the United Nations could play a major role in this. ‘The Netherlands would support a UN resolution condemning the regime. That is the clearest signal we could give to Syria.’