The House of Representatives agrees to lesbian parenthood legislative proposal

In future, the partner of the mother of a child (duo mother) can become a legal parent without having to go to court. This is provided for in a legislative proposal from State Secretary Teeven of Security and Justice that was accepted today by the House of Representatives, and that will change the procedure for establishing the legal parenthood of the duo mother. The central focus of the legislative proposal is the interest of the child.

The duo mother can become the legal parent automatically by means of a marriage if the sperm donor is unknown. In all other cases, she will be able to acknowledge the child. Acknowledgment is a simple procedure, which can be performed, even before the birth of the child, before the Registrar of Births, Deaths, Marriages and Registered Partnerships. In such cases, parenthood arises at birth. 

The new regulation brings the law as much as possible in line with the actual situation of children that grow up in a family with two mothers. If the biological father is known, the mothers and said father can also agree that the biological father rather than the duo mother will become the child's second legal parent. 

It may be assumed, on the basis of figures provided by Statistics Netherlands, that each year 200 to 400 mothers will make use of this new regulation.