Timmermans presented with caravan-hitchhiking travelogue

A travelogue about caravan-hitchhiking round the cultural capitals of Europe was launched Crossing Border Festival in The Hague this weekend. In 2010 theatre-maker Tjerk Ridder and journalist Peter Bijl travelled from Utrecht to Istanbul by caravan – without a car to pull it. They published their experiences in the book Trekhaak Gezocht (‘Wanted: tow-bar’). A copy of the international edition, entitled You Need Others to Keep You Going, was presented to foreign minister Frans Timmermans at the Crossing Border Festival, which is an international literature and music event.

The trip has also become the subject of a theatre production, of which Mr Timmermans attended a special ‘caravan version’ at the Koninklijke Schouwburg theatre in Den Haag. After Crossing Border, the production will travel to various venues round the Netherlands.

For more information, go to trekhaakgezocht.com.