Number of robberies decreased in 2012

The number of robberies dropped in 2012 to 1,982. This is a decrease of 31.6% when compared with 2009. Minister Opstelten of Security and Justice announced this in The Hague today at the occasion of the connection of the first ABN AMRO first ATM to Live View, which is a video system that enables the police to watch along in real time during robberies and ATM gas attacks and ram raids.

Minister Opstelten and the chairman of the board of ABN AMRO, Gerrit Zalm, announced that 100 ABN AMRO ATMs will be provided with Live View this year. ABN AMRO is the first bank to use Live View. The police have been using Live View since June 2012. The live images enable the police to take action more quickly and in a more targeted manner. The control room can decide immediately what police efforts are required. Police officers that are in the vicinity can also be alerted immediately. This increases the ability of the police to catch offenders red-handed and increases the chance of catching criminals.

ABN AMRO wants to use Live View to reduce the number of ATM gas attacks, ram raids and skimming attacks. In additionto Live View, ABN AMRO has also implemented other preventative measures. The bank expects that these measures will be able to significantly reduce the number of criminal activities involving its ATMs. 

Reducing the number of robberies in the Netherlands is a top priority for the Cabinet. It concerns very serious crimes, often involving violence, which have a major impact on the victims and their environment.  The aim of the Cabinet, working together with all relevant partners, is to bring the number of robberies at the end of 2014 below the level of 2006 (a maximum 1,900). The 2012 annual figures show the number of robberies decreased by 13 when compared with 2011 (2272 robberies). In the past year, additional efforts were made in combating jewellers and home robberies. This led to a drop of 35% and 10% respectively in 2012. The number of home robberies involving senior citizens increased however from 173 to 200. Measures are currently being elaborated together with the associations for the elderly in order to prevent home robberies involving those aged over 55. The number of robberies involving petrol stations (-12%), tobacconists (-16%) and catering establishments (-8%) did decrease last year. The number of supermarket robberies increased from 178 in 2011 to 183 in 2012.

The police, the judiciary, the business community, the municipalities and trade associations are working closely together with the national Robberies Taskforce in order to reduce the number of robberies.