Minister Schultz to open Wasser Berlin International trade fair

Minister Schultz van Haegen of Infrastructure & the Environment will be opening the Wasser Berlin International trade fair in Berlin on Tuesday 23 April. Following the opening of the trade fair, the Dutch embassy is organising a symposium on Innovative Water Technologies with speakers from Germany and the Netherlands. The aim is to bring together the innovative Dutch and German water sectors and to come up with intelligent solutions to shared problems.

Minister Schultz would like to strengthen ties with Germany: “Dutch water companies are very active internationally. When I look at the Netherlands and Germany, I see a great many opportunities for intensifying our cooperation. We work together relatively rarely at the international level in the field of water technology and innovation. That is a shame because together our global competitive position would be stronger.”

Top Sector

The Dutch Water Top Sector has numerous advanced technologies to offer Wasser Berlin and the symposium, including the Nereda technology for purifying wastewater, methods for extracting biogas and phosphorus from wastewater and technology for extracting energy from saltwater and freshwater. “Both the Netherlands and Germany have a high level of knowledge at their disposal. We both have a reputation for reliability and we create products that set us apart. International cooperation does not always have to entail a time difference of two or three time zones. Why not also look for cooperation closer to home more often,” according to Minister Schultz.

Dutch water companies are active in 73 countries. The water sector as a whole provides the Netherlands with 180 thousand jobs, and has an export value of 18 billion euros. Germany is our biggest trade partner and last year trade between Germany and the Netherlands grew by more than 4 percent to over 157 billion euros. However, the water sector represents only a modest part of that.