Bill on professional work in youth care established

The Cabinet has approved the submission of the bill on professionalisation in youth care as proposed by state secretary van Rijn of Public Health, Wellbeing and Sport and state secretary Teeven of Security and Justice to Paliament. This bill intends to take working in youth care to a higher level in terms of quality.

The new Act provides that youth care institutions are obliged to work with registered youth care workers and behavioural scientists. Permanent education is a condition for youth care professionals to remain registered. They will also have a professional code.

A disciplinary code will be the capstone of the youth care professionalisation. Professional action can thus be tested by the professional group itself. Clients will be better protected against unprofessional action with the disciplinary code. Youth care professionals can learn from complex cases. A professional may be barred from the register by the disciplinary tribunal in extreme cases.

Samson Committee

Also the Samson Committee which investigated sexual abuse in youth care spoke out for the registration of youth care professionals. The prevention, detecting and halting of sexual abuse will be part of the system of permanent education that will be realised through the professionalisation.

Call for registration

The Cabinet is calling youth care professionals to register already now in order to be able to timely meet the obligation to only use registered professionals. The "Show what you're worth" campaign was sety up for that purpose.