Timmermans meets with Aruban government

Foreign minister Frans Timmermans met in Oranjestad today with Prime Minister Mike Eman of Aruba and the Ministers of Finance, Tourism, Health Care, and Infrastructure and the Environment.

Mr Eman and Mr Timmermans share the view that the Caribbean countries of the Kingdom are a springboard to Latin America, due to their location, language skills, and commercial and personal ties.

Mr Timmermans expressed a strong belief in the continent’s potential, with growth countries like Brazil, Colombia and Panama. ‘We need to reduce the distance between Europe and Latin America,’ he said. ‘Aruba can help us do that. With the Caribbean countries, the Kingdom already has one foot in Latin America.’

Mr Timmermans visited Aruba in his capacity as Minister of Foreign Affairs of the four countries that comprise the Kingdom. He also paid a visit to Acting Governor Ella Tromp-Yarzagaray and the President of the Aruban Parliament, Paul Croes.

The foreign minister spoke with the National Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) and various companies about how Dutch knowhow and innovation can contribute to sustainability in the Caribbean and Latin America. Professor of sustainable technology and former astronaut Wubbo Ockels gave a presentation on the profitability of sustainability.

After Aruba, Mr Timmermans will visit Curaçao and St Maarten.