Russian giant helps Dutch military personnel redeploy from Kunduz

The largest helicopter in the world, the Russian Mi-26, transports materiel of the Dutch police training mission from Kunduz to Mazar-e Sharif. Military personnel of the redeployment unit are currently moving equipment from Afghanistan to the Netherlands now that the mission has officially been completed.

The transport helicopter moves all materiel that, for security or other reasons, cannot be transported by road. The helicopter with a lifting capacity of 20 tonnes has already flown three times from Kunduz in northern Afghanistan to the airport in Mazar-e Sharif to the west, from where the materiel is then transported to the Netherlands.

Mission ended

The police training mission ended on 1 July. The first 100 military personnel returned home last week. The last military personnel, who are responsible for redeployment, are scheduled to leave before 1 November.