Participation in terrorist organisation results in loss of Dutch citizenship

Mr Teeven, the State Secretary for Security and Justice, wants to ensure that participation in terrorist organisations automatically results in a loss of Dutch citizenship. This is evidenced by a bill from the state secretary sent today to the Advisory Committee on Migration Affairs for advice.  In doing so, he implements a motion of Mr Dijkhoff, Member of Parliament, requesting such regulations.

Thus far, a loss of Dutch citizenship is only possible by law if a person voluntarily joins the army of a state that is involved in combat operations against the Kingdom or against an alliance of which the Kingdom is a member.

According to the state secretary, changing societal views on terrorist or paramilitary organisations and guerilla groups are reason enough to amend the current regulations. One condition, however, is that a criminal conviction should be final, as high requirements must be set on proof of participation in these groups. A criminal conviction will form a sufficient factual basis that justifies a loss of Dutch citizenship.

Moreover, Mr Teeven wants to ensure that Dutch citizenship can be withdrawn after a final conviction for assistance with preparations for a terrorist crime by providing information, transferring knowledge and skills or providing resources. In these cases, the person in question turns against the essential interests of the state in such a way that the ties between him and the Kingdom can no longer exist. The two new measures may not result in statelessness.