The Netherlands provides €1.5 million for eliminating chemical weapons in Syria

Foreign minister Frans Timmermans has told the House of Representatives that the Netherlands will provide €1.5 million towards the elimination of chemical weapon stockpiles in Syria.

International security, including that of the Netherlands, is best served by swift, successful chemical demilitarisation in Syria. The Netherlands wants to make a positive contribution, partly in view of its responsibility as host of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

The OPCW, which has its headquarters in The Hague, is taking the lead in implementing the joint Russian-US plan to eliminate Syria’s chemical weapon stockpiles. The plan, agreed on 14 September, will be expanded by the OPCW Executive Council and the UN over the next few days.

The Netherlands’ financial contribution is intended to support the OPCW’s inspection and verification activities. Carrying out the Russian-US plan will be a major challenge, demanding the OPCW team’s full energy and commitment. The Netherlands is keen to support their efforts.