Rutte: NFI brings nuclear and forensic science closer together

Prime Minister Mark Rutte has paid a visit to the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) in the run up to the Nuclear Security Summit (NSS), which is being held in The Hague on 24 and 25 March.

During his visit the Prime Minister heard about the role that forensic investigation plays in relation to nuclear and radiological incidents. The NFI has developed the international programme ‘Forensics in Nuclear Security’ to bring nuclear and forensic science closer together. This is important for a number of reasons, for instance to help establish the exact type of nuclear or radioactive material involved in an incident and, where relevant, to track down the perpetrators. The programme will form part of the Netherlands’ contribution to the NSS 2014.

After his visit, Mr Rutte said that although nuclear material is important and useful, 'we need to do everything we can to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands'. While stressing that the chances of this happening are fortunately very small, he said ‘the international community must remain alert’. That is why the 58 countries and international organisations meeting at the NSS in The Hague will be agreeing further arrangements on these issues.