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Rutte meets US President Obama

On Monday 24 March 2014, before the opening of the Nuclear Security Summit, Prime Minister Mark Rutte will meet US President Barack Obama in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Amsterdam Mayor Eberhard van der Laan will also be present. The meeting is a token of the strong, bilateral, historical and economic ties between the Netherlands and the United States.

On their arrival at the Rijksmuseum the Prime Minister and the President will view two documents of historic significance for Dutch-US relations: the Act of Abjuration (Plakkaat van Verlatinghe, 1581) and the two countries’ first trade and friendship treaty (1782). The Act of Abjuration, which helped inspire the US Declaration of Independence, has been brought specially for President Obama’s visit from the National Archives in The Hague to the Rijksmuseum. Mr Rutte and Mr Obama will then be given a guided tour by the museum’s General Director, Wim Pijbes. The tour will include Rembrandt’s Night Watch and other works in the museum’s Gallery of Honour.

After the tour the Prime Minister and the President will discuss current political and economic issues, and afterwards each make a short statement to the media.