Prime Minister Rutte visits New York

Prime Minister Mark Rutte is in New York, heading the Dutch delegation at the Climate Summit on 23 September and the UN General Assembly on 24 and 25 September. The Prime Minister is also seeking to strengthen the economic, social and cultural ties between the Netherlands and New York.

Arrival in New York

The Prime Minister arrived in New York on 22 September. In a Facebook video, he explained the purpose of his visit. He is attending several major meetings to discuss items such as the MH17 air disaster, Islamic State and the Ebola epidemic. ‘All these topics show that foreign and domestic issues are two sides of the same coin’, Mr Rutte said in the video.

In the evening, Mr Rutte delivered an address at Unilever on the subject of sustainability.

Climate Summit

Mr Rutte, environment minister Wilma Mansveld and agriculture minister Sharon Dijksma attended the 2014 Climate Summit on 23 September. The summit, the theme of which was ‘Catalyzing Action’, was organised to encourage government, businesses and other actors to pursue more ambitious climate policies. Mr Rutte said in his speech that countries have a ‘shared responsibility to confront climate change’.

The Dutch delegation explained how the Netherlands works with businesses, cities and NGOs to link climate policy and funding to innovation and opportunities for export and growth. It is also launching the Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture, with a view to achieving greater food security and economic agricultural cooperation and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Military contribution to fight against ISIS

Prime Minister Rutte, foreign minister Frans Timmermans and development minister Lilianne Ploumen attended the United Nations General Assembly. On the 24th of September Mr Rutte delivered a speech to the UN Security Council on the efforts being made to prevent individuals travelling to Iraq and Syria for the purpose of violent jihad. He also spoke about the Dutch contribution to the fight against ISIS. The Netherlands will be making six operational F-16s and two reserve aircraft available for a maximum period of one year, accompanied by 250 military personnel. In addition, 130 military personnel will help train Iraqi and Kurdish forces in Iraq. The Netherlands will also intensify its humanitarian aid efforts in the region.