The Netherlands to make greater contribution to monitoring mission in eastern Ukraine

The Netherlands is to provide extra support to the Organization for Security and Co operation in Europe (OSCE), so that more monitors can be sent to eastern Ukraine. Foreign minister Frans Timmermans is making an additional €1.88 million available for the monitoring mission, bringing the total Dutch contribution to just over €2.8 million. The Netherlands is also looking to establish whether extra monitors can be provided for this civilian monitoring mission.

Agreement was reached in Minsk recently on a ceasefire in eastern Ukraine, which is to be monitored by the OSCE. To that end, Switzerland, which is currently chairing the OSCE, has asked for more monitors and more material and financial support.

‘It is very important to enable the OSCE to monitor observance of the ceasefire effectively,’ said Mr Timmermans. ‘Extra capacity is needed, and the Netherlands is prepared to contribute.’
The civilian population in eastern Ukraine is suffering greatly as a result of the fighting. ‘It is crucial for them that the fighting stops,’ said the minister. Restoring calm in the area is particularly important for the Netherlands, as the MH17 repatriation mission cannot work there while the fighting continues.