Preparation for illegal cannabis cultivation will be a criminal offence from 1 March 2015

The Dutch Senate has approved a legislative proposal submitted to Parliament by Ivo Opstelten, Minister of security and Justice, which will make all actions by persons and companies that prepare and promote illegal cannabis cultivation a criminal offence. The offence will carry a maximum custodial sentence of 3 years.

The change in the law, which will enter into effect on 1 March 2015, will make it possible to address all links in the preliminary phase of cannabis production. These include persons and companies that do not cultivate cannabis themselves, but earn money through supplying goods or services and/or financing illegal cannabis cultivation.

Examples include grow shops, rogue transport and distribution companies, persons and companies that let sheds and barns, electricians who install illegal electrical systems, and ready-equipped cabinets used for the purpose of illegal cannabis cultivation.