Norwegian prisoners to the Netherlands in September

The Dutch State Secretary for Security and Justice, Mr. Fred Teeven, and the Norwegian Minister of Justice, Mr. Anders Anundsen, have agreed that the first Norwegian prisoners will be transferred to the Netherlands already on 1 September 2015, if possible. However, this still remains to be approved by the Norwegian and Dutch parliaments. Today, in Veenhuizen, Messrs Teeven and Anundsen have signed the agreement that provides for the transfer of Norwegian prisoners to the Netherlands.

State Secretary Teeven and Norwegian Minister Anundsenof Justitie sign the agreement

Once the agreement has been ratified, 242 Norwegian prisoners will be placed at the Norgerhaven site of the detention centre in Veenhuizen. This international cooperation ensues from an excess cell capacity in the Netherlands and a shortfall in space for prisoners in Norway. For the moment, the agreement's term is three years, with an option to annually renew it for a year.

A Norwegian governor will be appointed in Norgerhaven, and the site will be governed by Norwegian regulations. The remainder of the staff will remain Dutch. The agreement will preserve employment in the prison system in the amount of 239 FTEs. Employees will be trained in Norwegian law and prison culture. They will also be given the option to follow an English course.

State Secretary Teeven: "We are providing Norway with additional detention capacity by making our cells available to them. In doing so, we safeguard the jobs in our prison system. I am very pleased with this. This again proves that this Cabinet is doing its utmost to provide people with employment and to keep them employed."