Appointment of mayors may be removed from the Constitution

The provision stipulating that mayors and King's commissioners are appointed by Royal Decree may be removed from the Constitution in the future. The cabinet has approved the submission of a private member's bill to this end for ratification by the King. The coalition agreement explicitly supports the proposal.

The private member's bill, submitted by D66, was approved by the Senate on 28 April 2015. The House of Representatives had already approved it in 2013.

Both Houses have debated the bill at first reading. Before the Constitution can be amended, both Houses must debate the bill again and approve it by a two-thirds majority. That second reading will take place after the next general election, which is scheduled for 15 March 2017.

The private member's bill does not provide for a new appointment procedure for mayors and commissioners. It will be up to the next government to put forward a proposal after the constitutional amendment has been approved at second reading.