Dijsselbloem re-elected as Eurogroup president

After winning Monday’s vote by finance ministers of the euro countries, finance minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem is set to start his second term as president of the Eurogroup. Mr Dijsselbloem received the majority of votes to lead the Eurogroup for the next two-and-a-half years. He faced one rival candidate. The split in votes has not been made public.

Mr Dijsselbloem is pleased with his re-election. ‘After the difficult years of crisis, we’ve worked incredibly hard to strengthen the eurozone,’ he said. ‘We’re in a better position now, but our work isn’t done yet. I look forward to continuing our joint efforts towards sustainable economic growth in the eurozone.’

Mr Dijsselbloem (49) was appointed finance minister in the second Rutte government in November 2012 and president of the Eurogroup in January 2013. During this term, the Eurogroup has worked to improve budget discipline in the eurozone. Countries like Spain, Ireland and Portugal have also successfully completed their financial support programmes. After extensive negotiations with Greece, there now appears to be agreement on implementing vital reforms. The Eurogroup also played a key role in the establishment of a banking union.