Van Rijn: exta funding for tackling sexual violence

State Secretary Martin van Rijn (Health, Welfare and Sport) and Minister Ard van der Steur (Security and Justice) are providing an additional 4.2 million euros to support the approach to tackling sexual violence during the next two years. The municipal authorities will be able to use this funding to set up a national network of Centres for Sexual Violence. The ministers today sent a letter on this subject to the Association of Netherlands Municipalities.

Centre for Sexual Violence

A Centre for Sexual Violence (Centrum voor Seksueel Geweld, CSG) offers specialised assistance to victims of sexual violence. At these centres victims are given specialised medical care and psycho-social support. At the same time, forensic expertise is called on to investigate and prosecute offenders. Anybody (child or adult) is able to use the services of the CSG. In some cases these centres form part of a hospital, in others they are placed with the Municipal Health Service.

Operational in 16 regions = national coverage

There are currently Centres for Sexual Violence in 9 cooperating municipal regions, including Amsterdam, Nijmegen, Emmen and Friesland. Haarlem and Rotterdam will be following next month. During the course of 2016 CSG programmes will be operationalised in 5 other regions, taking the total to 16 regions. At that point the network will have national coverage.