Schippers and Kamp sign broad Health Deal for targeted decisions in oncology

Science in oncology is developing rapidly. Effectiveness of treatments differ from one person to another. The amount of existing information makes it next to impossible to have it available at the right time. Because of this, individual patients may not always receive the treatment that works best for them. When under-treating patients, desired health outcomes are not achieved, whereas over-treatment unnecessarily leads to higher costs and burden for the patient. IT-based decision support can help to present relevant knowledge at the right time in a useful manner. In this way, medical specialists and patients are supported to make the best treatment choices. In addition, it enables The Netherlands to maintain its prominent position in data and medical technology.

To make this possible, Ministers Schippers (Health) and Kamp (Economic Affairs) signed a ‘Health Deal’ on decision support in oncology today, with a large number of parties. This Health Deal is to contribute to the optimal availability of medical information. In doing so, privacy, data protection and patient security must be guaranteed at all times.

During the coming years, all parties; patient organisations, companies, hospitals, medical insurance companies, network- and knowledge institutions and government, commit themselves, from their own areas of expertise, to improve oncology in The Netherlands by developing these kinds of smart decision support. The eventual aim is to make that a sustainable part of our healthcare.

Minister Edith Schippers: ‘It is amazing that so many parties make an effort to improve healthcare. The medical world is developing at a rapid pace. There is an increasing number of different and specific treatment possibilities. If patients get the best suitable treatment faster, it really makes a difference. And at the same time, it is hugely important that misdiagnoses or wrong treatments are prevented. This Health Deal can significantly contribute to that.’


The Health Deal is signed by the Ministries of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) and Economic Affairs (EZ), initiators Medical Research Data Management (MRDM) and IBM Netherlands, Academic Medical Center, Netherlands Cancer Institute, Medical Center Haaglanden and Bronovo-Nebo, VGZ Cooperation, Zilveren Kruis, Menzis, Dutch Federation of Cancer Patient Organisations, Health-RI, Netherlands Comprehensive Cancer Organisation, Dutch Institute for Clinical Auditing and the University of Twente. Other interested parties may join the Health Deal.

E-Health week

The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) organises the e-health week from June 6th until June 10th, where users (citizens, patients, healthcare providers and –institutions), entrepreneurs, financers and governmental bodies share their wishes, ambitions and solutions with each other. This theme week is part of The Netherlands European Union Presidency, containing Dutch as well as international initiatives. The Health Deal on decision support in oncology is the first of its kind. The results from this Health Deal may be applicable to other healthcare innovations that stimulate personalized medicine. During the coming period, multiple Health Deals on different areas of healthcare will be worked on.

Read the full text of the Health Deal ‘The development of an ecosystem for Decision Support Systems in Oncology’ here.