Ban on drug 4-fluoroamphetamine

The drug 4-fluoroamphetamine (4-FA) is being prohibited. The drug, which is available in the form of a pill, capsule or powder, can lead to severe headaches and damage to heart and blood vessels. Use leads, in some cases, to a brain haemorrhage. That is in a letter that Minister Martin van Rijn (VWS) and Minister Ard van der Steur (V & J) sent to the Lower House today. The ban will be effective as of 1 April 2017.

With the ban, the ministers are adapting the advice of the Coordination Commission Assessment and Monitoring of new drugs (CAM) to place 4-FA on List I of the Opium Act (hard drugs). With this, the production, trading and sale of this drug are prohibited. The Commission notes that the use of the drug is especially gaining popularity in the party circuit and is easy to obtain. "A worrying signal," said State Secretary Van Rijn. "I am very concerned about drug use among adolescents and young adults who often party. It is never normal to take a 'pill' at a festival or party. Safe drug use is a myth."