Dual nationality? Don’t lose your Dutch nationality!

Not all Dutch people know that you can lose your Dutch nationality. That’s why today we’re launching an information campaign about losing Dutch nationality.

Dutch citizens who acquire a new nationality can automatically lose their Dutch nationality. Dutch citizens with multiple nationalities who live outside the European Union for more than ten years and don’t apply for a Dutch passport in that time, can also lose their Dutch nationality automatically. This means they are no longer citizens of the Netherlands.

According to the Minister for Migration, Klaas Dijkhoff, acquiring another nationality is a big deal. ‘I think it’s important for Dutch citizens to be aware of the consequences of such a move. That’s why we’re launching this campaign today.’

The information campaign consists of a Facebook campaign focusing on Dutch citizens abroad alongside a campaign aimed at a wider audience. Even Farmer Olke from a Dutch popular TV show is lending his support to the campaign. In this video clip, he explains that he made a deliberate decision to acquire another nationality and therefore relinquish his Dutch nationality. He also tells you where to find information about the consequences of such a decision.

It’s important to remember that not everyone automatically loses Dutch nationality when they acquire another nationality. There are exceptions. For example, Dutch citizens do not lose their nationality if they voluntarily adopt the nationality of their spouse.