Pride Amsterdam 2017 – dialogue meeting on LGBTI and asylum

Over eighty representatives of the government as well as of human and LGBTI rights organisations came together this evening at the Lloyd Hotel and Cultural Embassy in Amsterdam to discuss the support and admission of LGBTI asylum seekers. The meeting was organised by the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) and the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA).

Its purpose was not only to provide insight into the way that the IND and COA deal with LGBTI asylum seekers, but also to exchange ideas on the implementation of the asylum process for LGBTIs and to establish relationships.

Using a number of statements regarding the assessment of asylum applications and the reception of LGBTI asylum seekers as a starting point, some asylum seekers and representatives of government organisations and other associations such as LGBT Asylum Support, Secret Garden, COC and Transgender Netwerk Nederland engaged one another in conversation. IND and COA are thrilled that these organisations agreed to take part in the dialogue meeting.

The Netherlands offers protection to people who have left their country for fear of prosecution due to their sexual orientation or gender identity. Should an LGBTI person request asylum in the Netherlands, they will deal with an organisation that assesses their request (IND) and an organisation that assists and accommodates them (COA).

Journalist Bahram Sadeghi served as host for the evening.


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