Foreign minister Koenders on Kenya election: ‘Important to stay calm’

After a turbulent period leading up to the election, the Kenyan people finally had their opportunity to vote on 8 August. Although no official results have yet been released, the electoral commission has published provisional results.

The European Union Election Observation Mission, the African Union and EU High Representative Federica Mogherini have urged people to stay calm.

For his part, foreign minister Bert Koenders has said, ‘I agree wholeheartedly with this sentiment. Kenya is a dynamic democracy, and the electoral commission must be given the latitude to announce the official results to the Kenyan people, as provided for in the Kenyan constitution.'

‘I call on all parties and their supporters to stay calm and respect the final results. It now remains for us to wait for the announcement by the electoral commission.’

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has amended its travel advice for Kenya due to the heightened risk of unrest, rioting and public disturbances. It cautions travellers to avoid demonstrations, political rallies and protests, which have the potential to turn violent. It also advises them to keep abreast of the latest developments by following the local and international news on Kenya and by visiting the Dutch embassy’s Facebook page and Twitter account.

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