More military personnel deployed to St Maarten; priority evacuations completed

On Sunday another C-17 military aircraft left from Eindhoven, carrying 40 tonnes of food, water and medical supplies. Some 48 military personnel are en route from Curaçao, bringing the total number of military personnel in St Maarten to 392. More will arrive on Monday and Tuesday, bringing the total to around 550.


Evacuations of those requiring urgent medical care are now complete. This included dialysis patients and those who had recently undergone surgery. These evacuations were the top priority, followed by evacuations of badly affected family members of Dutch emergency workers and deployed military personnel. The evacuation of tourists has begun, now that there is capacity to do so. If there is sufficient capacity, non-permanent residents of St Maarten (such as students or temporary workers) may also be evacuated.

Large-scale emergency assistance

From Monday food and water distribution will start on an even larger scale, at several locations. The patrols will inform the local population in this regard.

In order to ensure safe drinking water, desalination equipment and water purification tablets are being sent to St Maarten. 


A USAR.NL (Urban Search and Rescue) team, comprising 59 members, is being sent to St Maarten. The team will help coordinate emergency aid efforts, offer humanitarian assistance and support the island’s civil emergency services.

The USAR.NL team of professionals includes search and rescue workers, doctors and nurses, structural engineers, auxiliary personnel and managers.

Red Cross online

If you are looking for someone, or if you want to report that you are safe, please go to these Red Cross websites:

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