Netherlands welcomes new UN sanctions against North Korea

Minister of Foreign Affairs Bert Koenders has welcomed last night’s unanimous decision by the United Nations Security Council in New York to impose new sanctions on North Korea. ‘These new sanctions will increase the pressure on North Korea further,’ Mr Koenders said.  

The Security Council passed its resolution in response to the nuclear test of 3 September, repeated missile launches and the threat that these activities pose to peace and stability in the region and the wider world. The resolution imposes restrictions on the volume of crude oil that North Korea can import and prohibits the country from exporting textiles.  

Mr Koenders described the resolution as ‘a clear and united signal from the international community that North Korea needs to reverse its course’. He added: ‘North Korea’s repeated and unacceptable violations of its international obligations have increased the country’s isolation. In fact, the course it is pursuing is harming the well-being of its own people. The North Korean regime must cease its provocations, terminate its nuclear and ballistic programmes and return to the negotiating table.’

‘Pressure and dialogue are the appropriate ways to arrive at a lasting solution,’ Mr Koenders continued. The minister discussed the situation last Friday at a meeting with his European counterparts in Tallinn. The ministers agreed to impose new EU sanctions and to continue urging third countries to enforce the existing UN sanctions effectively.