Minister, national chief constable and national police force adviser Welten reach agreement on pay

Minister of Security and Justice Stef Blok, Chief Constable Erik Akerboom and police force adviser Bernard Welten have reached an agreement about the termination of the  employment contract of the latter, who is a former Police Commissioner for the region Amsterdam-Amstelland.

In early 2016, the minister made a moral appeal to Mr Welten to enter into negotiations about a reduction in pay. Mr Welten responded to the minister's appeal because he was taken aback by the negative public response to the terms of his employment as Police Commissioner for the region Amsterdam-Amstelland. Their negotiations have resulted in an agreement, which Minister Blok will communicate to the House of Representatives by letter today.

The national police force adviser will tender his resignation with effect from 1 March 2018 and receive an honourable discharge from the Police. Although he is still four years away from state pension age, he will voluntarily renounce the rights to which he is entitled under the terms of his employment contract. In effect, this means that he will miss out on four years' pay, thus ensuring that he no longer breaches the Senior Executives in the Public and Semi-Public Sector (Standards for Remuneration) Act (WNT). He will purchase the share of his residence that is currently owned by the force for at a price based on the value when occupied and in line with the conditions specified in his employment contract in 2003.

For up to three years after the termination of his contract, Mr Welten will continue to serve as an adviser to the force for three days a month and at the statutory hourly rate for hiring external government advisers (De Pater norm). As compensation for his loss of pension rights, he will be paid a gross lump sum of € 15,000. The agreement amounts to savings for the Police of some €700,000. The minister is grateful to Mr Welten for this accommodation.

Mr Welten's employment contract was drawn up in 2003, when the then regional police force manager, Mr Cohen, recalled him from Groningen to Amsterdam-Amstelland. It is binding until 1 March 2018. Pursuant to the WNT, his pay has been made public annually.