Cargo ship Cygnus brings more equipment to St Maarten

The remaining equipment required for the ‘waste train’, a means of quickly disposing of waste generated by hurricane Irma, has arrived on St Maarten. Last weekend the cargo ship Cygnus delivered high-pressure cleaners, water tanks and chemicals, which will be used to process the waste and disinfect landfill sites. The equipment was first flown to Curaçao by an Antonov aircraft before completing the journey with the Cygnus.

The Cygnus delivered equipment required to get the mobile network up and running, as well as school bags and educational materials. It also brought nine trucks to the island, which the energy company Gebe will use to repair the electricity network, and a complete weather station, to be installed at the airport. 

The Cygnus was chartered by the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. The Ministry previously delivered aid supplies including food, water and refuse trucks to St Maarten by ship. More aid supplies to help in the island’s recovery are expected to follow in the weeks to come.