EU funding for transport of aid supplies to St Maarten on HNLMS Karel Doorman

The European Commission has given the Netherlands over €2 million to cover part of the cost of deploying the Royal Netherlands Navy’s Joint Logistic Supply Ship HNLMS Karel Doorman to transport aid supplies to St Maarten after hurricane Irma.

The vessel arrived in the harbour of St Maarten on 1 October. Its cargo included school furniture and 3 pavilion tents for 36 classes, 10 mobile phone masts, 18 police cars, 12 tipper trucks, 8 water tank trucks, 2 mobile command units, groceries and toilet paper, as well as bulldozers, diggers and other heavy equipment to clear up the rubble.

The total cost of transporting supplies on the Karel Doorman amounted to €3.9 million. The European Commission is contributing €2,145,000, which covers 55% of the cost.