Rutte III government sworn in

King Willem-Alexander has sworn in the third government headed by Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

The 'Rutte III' government consists of four parties: the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD), the Christian Democratic Alliance (CDA), Democrats '66 (D66) and the Christian Union (CU). It comprises six ministers from the VVD, four from the CDA, four from D66 and two from the CU. Three of the new government's state secretaries are from the VVD, two from the CDA, two from D66 and one from the CU.

New ministerial posts

Several new ministerial posts have been created:

  • Minister for Legal Protection
  • Minister for Primary and Secondary Education and Media
  • Minister for Medical Care

One new ministry and several name changes

A new ministry has been established: the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. The former Ministry of Security and Justice has switched its name around, becoming the Ministry of Justice and Security, and two other ministries have also changed their names:

  • The Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment will become the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Environment and Water Management.
  • The Ministry of Economic Affairs will become the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy.

Coalition agreement

The title of the government's coalition agreement is 'Confidence in the Future'. The new government's aim is 'to make an already strong country even better for everyone, including people who feel that government is no longer there for them. We will invest in opportunities for all and strengthen the community.'

All the new government's plans can be found in the coalition agreement