Nationwide NL-Alert verification message on Monday 4 December

Today Minister Grapperhaus (Security and Justice) issued a nationwide NL-Alert verification message. The verification message enables people to verify whether their mobile telephone has been set up correctly for receiving NL-Alert messages. Since its launch five years ago, NL-Alert has been used on 200 occasions to notify people of various emergency situations, such as major fires, severe weather, gas leaks and contaminated drinking water. This the tenth time that an NL-Alert verification message has been issued.

'It is important for people to ensure that they have set up their mobile telephone correctly. NL-Alert is the national emergency alert system in the Netherlands. The more people receive the message, the better it is. People will quickly know what is happening and what they can do,' says Grapperhaus.
NL-Alert is the national emergency alert system in the Netherlands. The NL-Alert system sends targeted information and alerts people during an emergency situation in the vicinity. The message states what is happening and what the best thing to do is at that moment.
'People are extremely willing to forward an NL-Alert to others, such as friends and colleagues. As a result, the previous NL-Alert verification message reached over 10.8 million people aged 12 and above.'
Those who received the verification message on 4 December had set up their mobile telephones correctly. NL-Alert has been pre-set on many telephones sold in the Netherlands. However, on some devices, such as the iPhone, users must set this up themselves. Visit for instructions on how to set up mobile telephones correctly.