Emergency goods arrive in St Maarten

On Monday 4 December the ship Augusta Sun unloaded its cargo of emergency goods on St Maarten. The ship left the port of Rotterdam on 20 November and arrived in Philipsburg last Sunday. On board were 12 shipping containers with goods for St Maarten and one container for Saba.

Because of the enormous amount of damage inflicted by hurricane Irma, the island is still littered with rubbish. For this reason, the ship carried various equipment for waste collection and processing, such as a trash compactor, an excavator and a number of lorries. The ship also delivered a wood chipper to Saba.

In addition the cargo included laptops and computers for the police, office supplies for the probation service, books for schools, official cars for the customs authority and various materials for the library, such as books, bookcases, a counter, tables and chairs.

Two of the biggest donors were the Amsterdam Public Library and the Public Prosecution Service.

Since early September more than 2,250 tonnes in emergency goods, with a total value of €55 million, have been delivered to the hurricane-ravaged island of St Maarten by sea and air. The goods consisted of food and water, vehicles and sheets of tarpaulin. Around a million litres of water were distributed.