The Netherlands opens helpdesk for EMA staff in London

As of today, the staff of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in London can address any question they may have on their relocation, to a helpdesk established by the Dutch authorities. The central helpdesk that will support EMA staff with their individual move to Amsterdam is located in the Netherlands but some of the colleagues are working from an office at the EMA premises in London.

EMA will open its doors on the first of april 2019, when the United Kingdom will leave the European Union (EU). The helpdesk is part of the Dutch pledge to make the relocation of EMA and its staff as smooth as possible. In London, the helpdesk will organise information sessions on living in the Netherlands, housing and education. The first information sessions will take place already before the end of the year. Employees can contact the helpdesk with questions regarding for example medical needs, partner employment or residence permits.

From February 1st, the service of the helpdesk will be expanded. The helpdesk team will then start conducting one-on-one sessions with EMA staff, providing tailored support for individuals.