Dekker to abolish notary fees

In future, marrying in general community of property will no longer require drawing up a prenuptial agreement with the civil-law notary. Instead, the submission of a statement to the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages will suffice.

Minister Dekker:

'This measure aims to make the lives of citizens as easy as possible. Abolishing notary fees also saves them hundreds of euros.'

The measure applies to registered partnerships as well. This legislative proposal was sent by the Minister for Legal Protection to several institutions today, including the Dutch Association of Civil Services (NVvB) and the Royal Dutch Association of Civil-law Notaries (KNB).

The proposal derives from the coalition agreement and concerns an amendment which entered into force on 1 January last. Since this date, marriages are automatically performed in limited community of property. In other words, partners no longer share all assets and debts acquired before or during their marriage. Spouses who nonetheless choose to combine all their possessions are currently required to arrange a prenuptial agreement with the civil-law notary, a procedure which is more complicated and costly. The legislative proposal addresses this demographic by simplifying the process and abolishing the notary fees.
Until one working day before the wedding at the latest, partners may submit a statement to the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages in the municipality where they are to marry. Both digital and paper submissions are accepted. A model statement will be drawn up for spouses marrying in general community of property. This arrangement is important to Minister Dekker with a view to legal certainty, as it ensures proper registration and better implementation. The model statements will be aligned with the KNB and NVvB. 

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