SDG Facility for public-private partnerships launched

Foreign trade and development minister Sigrid Kaag officially launched the Sustainable Development Goals Partnership Facility (SDGP) today. This new fund will enable public authorities, businesses, NGOs and knowledge institutions to work in partnership on projects aimed at sustainable food production and private sector development.

‘Better work and income, growth in the agricultural sector and sustainable enterprise are key conditions for progress on the SDGs,’ the minister said. ‘To achieve these aims, parties in the public and private sector and civil society must join forces. These public-private partnerships  are an efficient way of implementing this combined approach.’

Win-win situation: extra income and food security

A total of €70 million will be deposited in the SDGP, half of which will be made available at the end of this year and the other half in 2019. The SDGP is the successor of the Sustainable Enterprise and Food Security Facility (FDOV), which supported more than 50 projects in various developing countries, including Ethiopia and Kenya, and improved the living conditions of a great many people. The SDGP will provide up to 50% of the financing required for a project, with the applicants – consortia comprising a public body, a company and an NGO or knowledge institution – providing at least the other 50%. The maximum funding provided by the Ministry is €3 million per project.

The FDOV successfully supported many different projects, including the cultivation of crickets for human consumption in Kenya and Uganda, which provided extra nutrition and extra income for farmers. Another project, in Vietnam, supported potato production between the rice cropping seasons, leading to extra income and more food security: another win-win situation.

SDGs both a solution and a revenue model

In assessing proposals, the Ministry will look closely at significant local partner involvement, SME involvement, a good gender balance, and the themes of work, income and sustainability. In this way, the facility will contribute to SDG 2 (ending hunger), SDG 8 (decent work and economic growth) and SDG 17 (partnerships for the Goals). In the future the SDGP might also be extended to other sectors. ‘What’s great about the SDGs is that they offer a sustainable solution to major societal challenges and serve as a revenue model,’ the minister said. ‘So it’s encouraging to see the private sector’s keen interest in contributing towards the goals.’