Increased pressure on outlaw motorcycle gangs thanks to joint approach

Intensive cooperation between local government, police, the Tax and Customs Administration (including the Fiscal Information and Investigation Service), the Public Prosecution Service and the Royal Military Constabulary has put increased pressure on outlaw motorcycle gangs. This was the conclusion of the 2017 annual Progress Report on Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs submitted to the Lower House of Parliament today by Minister Grapperhaus (Justice and Security).

The 2017 Progress Report on Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs provides insight into the effects of this joint government action, as well as the results of approaches to combating such gangs under criminal, administrative and fiscal law. The court issued a nationwide civil-law ban against Bandidos MC in 2017, in response to a petition from the Public Prosecution Service. This decision is the subject of an ongoing appeal. The Public Prosecution Service Office was able to petition the civil court for a ban against other outlaw motorcycle gangs as well, thanks to painstaking investigative efforts and effective cooperation with its partners.

An administrative ban on outlaw motorcycle gangs was announced in the coalition agreement. At the same time, member of the Lower House of Parliament Kuiken (PvdA) has also initiated a bill that will set out a process for banning legal entities. Minister for Legal Protection Sander Dekker, who is responsible for legislation governing bans against organisations under administrative and civil law, eagerly awaits the private member’s bill by Kuiken.

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